Caroline Tevaite (Tvaite) TEITI was born in 1984 in Papeete, Tahiti, from a French mother and an American father.

As far as she can remember, creation has always been a part of who she is : she’s always loved painting, drawing or creating objects.

Tvaite grew up on Huahine, a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On this paradise island, she had the privilege to meet the famous Polynesian artist Bobby Holcomb who left a very strong impression on the young girl. Up to this day she sees him as a model in her artisitic path.

In 1998, she moves with her family to Tahiti, the capital island of French Polynesia. She graduates from high school in Arts and decides to carry on with her studies and become a teacher.

In 2007 she leaves Tahiti and moves to Raiatea, the home island of her husband, to reconnect with her childhood lifestyle which she misses.

After several years of teaching Tvaite realizes that what she really wants is to live her childhood dream and become a full-time artist.

She thus decides to take a year off in 2016.

Since then she has dedicated her entire self to painting.

Her artwork combines different techniques and Tvaite’s main source of inspiration is her beloved country and its culture. The graphic aspect of her painting is inspired by the first forms of Polynesian art and tattoo and the bright and lively colors she uses are simply picked from the surrounding natural beauty of her islands.

She sees her work as an art of «well-beingness ». When creating she feels in perfect harmony with the world around her and experiences a profound happiness that she wants to share and spread out.